I'm Just That Into Me

I'm Just That Into Me book I'm Just That Into Me

* I try to control every situation and most people in my life. It's safer that way.
* I don't let people get too close. That way they can't hurt me.
* I don't think I've ever been truly happy.
* I use sex to feel powerful or fulfill my emotional needs.
* I have to be careful about what I share with others about myself so they don't leave me.
* I constantly critique everything I say and do.

Anne and Dominic were both confronted with the truth about a tragedy in each of their lives. This changed everything.

Would they attempt to avoid the truth or fight for the life each was always meant to live? Dominic's and Anne's stories converge and take you on their journeys of self-discovery to find freedom from self-destructive patterns.

Includes tools to help with your own self-discovery.

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